Trainees at GloTec Private Industrial Training Institute are chosen from a select group of youth, whose parents have generally not gone to any school but who dream to have their children achieve what they could not. They are making extreme sacrifices with a hope that this technical education for their child will ensure an improved standard of living for the whole family.

Mosaic of present and previous set of our trainees is given below:

  • A grass cutter of the lawns of Glowtronics (P) Ltd., for many years had a dream to see his son working within the high tech walls of this modern company. His son was a student with us in our first batch. Because he had no electricity in his home, he used the lights in the lunchroom of this company for studies at night. He successfully completed his studies and is now working as an apprentice in the State Electricity Board.
  • A tribal girl student, whose parents are forest dwellers and gather honey for their living, completed her course with us and is now gainfully employed in a factory in Mysore.
  • Large number of single parent children, whose fathers are either deceased or had abandoned their families.
  • Several girl students, in trades, which were earlier, considered a man's domain.
  • Large number of children from the lowest Indian social ladder, labeled as Scheduled Castes. Parents of these children work as laborers, earning meager money in farms, stone cutting and construction sites.
  • Recently a student was found determined to get Admission only in GloTec and that too in Electrician Trade when all seats were already taken in that trade. On refusal, he said he will continue to work in an electric shop and will come back next year. A quick technical test showed that he was already quite good at certain basics of the Electrician Trade because of his past experience. His wish was fulfilled by giving him a seat by creating the 17th discretionary vacancy.
  • We enjoy the exercise to experiment! In the 2011-13 Batch “Differently abled” children (hearing-impaired & Unable to speak) passed School Final students were admitted to undergo the two year Course in Draughtsman Mechanical. This Trade is safe as, in other Trades ‘sound’ is an important factor in routine jobs.
  • With encouraging progress of the experiment, fresh applicants were admitted to the 2012-14 batch.