The philosophy of GloTec is to admit students who are ‘poor’ in “academic achievement” and whose parents are generally labeled as ‘Below Poverty Line’ ~ ’economically poor’. Our intent is to facilitate these children. And further dreams of parents to witness in their lifetime their children reach levels of social and economic status higher than theirs.

What was our first experience? An eye opener indeed!

We found that most students, though SSLC pass, have low competence in Kannada, English and Mathematics. The curriculum of the Course is in English. The medium of instruction is ‘Bilingual’ – Kannada and English.

To overcome this handicap, fresh applicants are required to undergo a Pre-ITI Foundation Course in Basic Functional Mathematics and English for 10 Weeks, at the Institute, at a nominal fee. The Course is announced soon after SSLC results are released each year.

  • Prospectus and Application Form cost Rs. 30/- which is available soon after SSLC results are announced each year.
  • Students are advised to submit completed Application Form with fee of Rs. 300/- for Pre - ITI Foundation Course immediately thereafter.
  • Selected candidates are admitted to Pre ITI Foundation Course on first come first served basis.
  • Pre-ITI Foundation Course is conducted 4 hours per day, Mon ~ Fri.
  • Attending Pre-ITI Foundation Course does not guarantee admission to GloTec; however, preference will be given to those who satisfactorily complete the Course.
  • Admission starts soon after SSLC results are announced each year.
  • Academic year commences on first working day of August each year.